Selected tour Package Addis Ababa and its surrounding

Addis Ababa
Located on a well-watered plateau surrounded by hills and mountains, in the geographic center of the country, Addis Ababa is one of the booming and fast-growing capital cities in Africa. Addis Ababa Called to be the diplomatic capital of Africa, Addis Ababa has served as the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity (now African Union) since its inception in 1963.

1. Public Parks
1.1. Entoto Park
Called to be the ‘lung of Addis Ababa’ Entoto park is found in the hill of Entoto.


1.2. Sheger Park
Sheger park is one of the newly developed parks which nestled at the center of Addis Ababa.


1.3. Unity Park
Situated within the Menelik palace, Unity Park is one of the best accomplished parks in the city of Addis  Ababa.                                              


2. Historic Church and Mosques

2.1 Washa Mikael Church
Washa Miakel (Cave Church) is one of the oldest and the 5th century AD rock hewn church on the suburb of Addis Ababa.  The Holy Trinity


2.2. The Holy Trinity Cathedral
The Holy trinity Cathedral is one of the must-see visit in Addis Ababa


2.3  Entoto Maryam Church
Located on top of Entoto Hill, Maryam Church is a must see if ever you will be in Addis Ababa


2.4 Arada Gyorgis
Arada Giyorgis the closest landmark to the center of Addis Ababa


2.5 Anwar Mosque
Welcome to the largest iconic and oldest mosque of Addis Ababa


3. Monuments and Landmarks
3.1 Tiglachin/ our struggle/ monument
The Tigilachin square is one of the best memorials of the communist regime of Ethiopia


3.2 Tewodros ll Square
Tewodros square is a place to see the Replica of the first cannon made in Ethiopia by Emperor Tewodros.


3.3 The Yekatit 12 Square
The Yekatit 12 Square is a monument in Addis Ababa around sedist kilo


3.4 Menilik Square
Menelik II Square is located in the heart of Addis Ababa, the area locally known as Arada. At the center of the square stands a magnificent equestrian statue of the Emperor


3.5 Victory Monument/ Miyaziya 27 Square
This victory monument is located at Queen Elizabeth and Development through Cooperation Avenues at Arat Kilo, and commemorates the victory of the Ethiopians over the Italians in 1941.


3.6 The Lion of Judah Statue
The monument to the Lion of Judah is a statue of the Lion of Judah, symbol of Ethiopian Emperors and Ethiopia is located in Addis Ababa


4. Museums
4.1 Addis Ababa Museum
Addis Ababa museum is one of the public museums in the city.


4.2 Zoma Museum
This is one of the unique and mesmerizing museums in Addis Ababa


4.3 The National Museum of Ethiopia
The collection of The National Museum of Ethiopia is ranked among the most important in sub-Saharan Africa.


4.4 Bilalul Habeshi Museum
Bilul Al-Habeshi is one of the first and boutique Islamic Museum of Ethiopia


4.5 Ethnography Museum
The ethnographic museum of Addis Ababa gives a wide variety of history of Ethiopia and offers you the chance to see the Lavish Lifestyle of Emperor Haile Selassie.


5. Nightlife
5.1 Cultural Restaurants
One of the unique experiences of visiting Addis Ababa is spending the night in one of the chosen cultural restaurants.


5.2 Jazz Night
The Ethiopian Jazz is one of soul enriching and captivating experience to be done in Addis Ababa!     


 6. Surrounding Addis Ababa 
6.1 Melka Kunture archeological site
Melka kuntre is one of the active archeological site near the vicinity of the capital Addis Ababa


6.2 Tiya Stelae Field
Tiya Stelae Field is a UNESCO inscribed archaeological Site in Southern Ethiopia!


6.3 Adadi Maryam cave church
Adadi Mariam is the southernmost rock-hewn church of Ethiopia.


6.4 Menagesha Suba Forest
Welcome to one of the governments protected forest of Ethiopia since the 15th century AD


6.5 Ankober
Ankober is an ideal day trip spot for visitors who needs to mix culture and nature.


6.6 Bishoftu
Bishoftu is the nearest best resort town to Addis Ababa.


6.7 Wonchi Crater Lake
Wonchi is one of the most beautiful lake crater lake of Ethiopia


6.8 Debere Libanos Monastery and the Jemma River Valley
Debere Libanos is one of few churches of Ethiopian Orthodox church that has served as a seat of the head of the church.


 6.9 Debrebrhan City heritages


6.10 Adama city heritages and lifestyles


6.11 Koka Water reservoir and rift valley species


6.12 Ziway area Lakes


6.13 Minjar SHenkora area churches


  **Selected Tour Route and Packages**

Route 1 -
- Trinity / Sillassie Church and museum
- National museum
- Historic monuments
- Entooto Park, church, museum and historic places

Route 2 -
- Unity park
- Friendship park
- Technology museum
- Trinity / Sillassie Church and museum

Route 3 -
- Piassa historic roads and shopping areas
- Merkato Market
- Anwar Mosques
- Statue – Menillik, Abune Petros  , Tewodros II square
- Saint George Church

Route 4 -
- Addis Abeba Museum
- Lion of Judah Statue / Laguar
- Meskel Square
- Tiglachin/ Tikur Anbesa/
- Zoma Museum

Route 5 -
- Based on the selection of the travelers / visitors from the    above attractions
1. Debre libanos
2. Bisheftu
3. Wenchi
-Addis Heritage tour will offer services in faxable way based on the selection of the travelers / visitors from the above attractions

- Addis heritage tour will organize visits to different destinations as par the request of the travelers

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